Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Season Opener

Tomorrow, July 1st, is Canada Day - when we celebrate "Canada's birthday".
What we are actually celebrating is the Date of Confederation (July 1867) when Four provinces joined together into a federation and became the Dominion of Canada. It celebrates one of the major milestones in the long but peaceful political process that resulted in the Canada of today.

And July 1st is traditionally the first official day of the CFL (Canadoan Football League) season. Here in Calgary, our Stampeders will play the Montreal Allouettes at McMahon Stadium...which is where I shot this picture of the advertising board.

I'm a hockey fan myself but I hear that Canadian football is a pretty good game!


  1. So this is American football? Or do you have different rules?

  2. Happy Canada Day!!! I agree with you, I enjoy watching hockey more.