Sunday, June 21, 2009

Street Art Sunday - Family of Man

Street Art Sunday #10

These statues are some of my favourite street art ever...anywhere in the world.
Partly it's their scale (these figures are 21 feet tall!), partly it's their obviously hand-built, rough-hewn appearance but mostly it's their skinny, fragile elongation. They remind me of refugees...and we have many communities of refugees here in Calgary, trying to create a better life for themselves and becoming part of the rich fabric of Canada in the process.
I can't really explain it...but I love them.

The sculpture is called "The Family of Man" and was created by Mario Armengol for the British Pavilion of Expo 1967. The figures that comprise this piece are timeless, however. There are ten of them in all, standing in a circle - hands almost touching but not quite. They are male and female, all naked, but of no specific race and all reaching one another and to the world.
I think that's what we should all be doing more of.

Check out my other blog for more pictures of this piece of art work.


  1. Although, I have never seen the statues myself, I can relate to your love for the work of art. I am sure to love them as much, if and when I see them for myself.

  2. I read up about them, and the theme is as much of an impact as the statues themselves....

  3. Very interesting art work!


  4. Striking sculpture and superb composition.

  5. I like the theme of the sculpture, we should all be reaching out more. True

  6. Interetsing with the sun.

    I will try to go back to that hotel and take more photo of the balcony it is a 20 min by car from home, MB

  7. well, it's good to see Calgary has summer now! :) Yea!!!
    Enjoy it - love all your posts below too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

  8. I love the composition of the photo, very very nice, congrats!

  9. magnifique concepte le soleil et la main qui le suporte juste magnifique concepte

  10. I am doing "stained glass this week" because in is a photo challenge i Sweden and since it happen to be a lot of colors i did carnival colors also. It is fun to look at sculptures, sometime you like them sometimes not. MB

  11. Wonderful photo against the Sun! A fantastic view.

    BTW, thanks for comment our post. Come always. A foreing impression is always welcome.

  12. beautiful sculpture and composition! that blue! thanx for ur comment in my blog!

  13. First of all, your photo is extremely well draws in the viewer with vivid imagery.

    Secondly, I love your commentary about how it reminds you of refugees - I can see that clearly. The sculptures are stark yet the way you framed this with the light is to offer a way out - the light of hope...

    Great job!

  14. Great composition! Now I see the similarity with my yesterday post! :-)