Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wine not?

So another post from the Farmers Market...or rather from a wine store opposite the market based in what looked like an old aircraft hangar. This place was cool...lots of interesting wines from around the world AND they have a very civillised wine tasting table too. Hmmmh! I think I'll have to go back there when I have more time to browse.
There's also a micro-brewery in the other half of the hangar which wasn't open so early in the morning but also looks well worth a visit.
Wine not?!


  1. Did you...ummm... have a lil' drink when you took the photo? Just kidding, I like the effect!

  2. Great! Wine tasting would be just another reason for me to visit the fantastic Calgary Farmers Market. Cheers!

    Buenos Aires Photo

  3. Wine, definitely yes! :-)

  4. Sounds like a fun place to browse. You did say "browse" didn't you? I'm sure you weren't actually going to "taste" anything. LOL

  5. Great store, even for Tuscan eyrs. Are those white squared things lampshades? They have a very interesting shape.

  6. No I didn't was 9.00 a.m on a Saturday monring...too early even for me!
    And yes those white things are lampshades...the whole place was very chic in an urban-warehouse kind of way.