Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kids Building Blocks

A reflection of Calgary's new Children's Hospital in the windows of the parkade.
The hospital opened in September 2006 with a look designed with the involvment of the patients and parents who would use it.
It stands on a prominant hill above the Bow River valley looking like a tower made from of brightly coloured wooden blocks.
It certainly makes a statement!


  1. That's a real clever shot, chicken! What is the picture of in your header? I'd love to know...

  2. I really like the wonky reflections. Great!

  3. Hi mary! The tall building with the flattened-off roof in the header picture is Bankers Hall in the middle of downtown Calgary. The smaller siver tower in front of it is the north Husky Tower. I loved the original picture but liked it even better when I had played with it. Calgary is on the praries and the downtown towers seem to stick straight up out of the surrounding flatness. There'll be more pictures of the centre coming soon!