Thursday, April 23, 2009

One for the Boys

Big trucks...there are lots in Calgary!
This city has yet to fully embrace some of the environmentally friendly lifestyles of Europe and other parts of the world... and you see lots of big trucks on our streets. This is an extra big example! I'm not sure what the two shiny pipes up the side are for. Exhaust pipes I assume.
Oh...and I don't even want to tell you that it's snowing I won't (but it is! Lots of fluffy white snow!)
I took the shot of the truck on the weekend - when it was hot and sunny.
That's Calgary for you...we sometimes get four seasons in a couple of hours!


  1. Snow is good news, it means we might get some exotic almost May photos! ;-) Though I blush, I must admit that I love these trucks! That's coming from someone who always wonders what use 4 wheel drives (do you call them SUVs?) can be in cities... ;-)

  2. Hey, thanks for your advice. My husband and I are spending a few days in Banff for our honeymoon but on our last time we have a couple of hours to kill before boarding. We though maybe we can spend few hours at the zoo.

    I'll have to find a hotel near downtown the day before our departure because I certainly don't want to rush from Banff to catch a flight in Calgary.

    Maybe there will be a lot of construction and traffic...who knows. But we're very glad to have our honeymoon in Canada's most beautiful place.

  3. WHY do you have those big cars in the city?

    is it just a 'men thing' - they want to show off?
    is there a real need for cars like that?

  4. Blog site
    It's hard to say why we have such big trucks...many people in the city work in the oil industry travelling many miles hauling big equipment. There's also lots of ranching in the surrounding countryside...but I also think that some giys just like big cars!

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