Sunday, April 19, 2009

Street Art Sunday

Just so you know...Sundays on this blog will be dedicated to Street Art (both the official and the unofficial kind) and and so this is the first posting for: -

Street Art Sunday #1

This shot shows half of a giant mural in downtown Calgary. It's painted on the side of the CUPS building. Calgary Urban Projects (CUPS) is a non-profit organistation dedicated to ending individual and family poverty and their message is one of hope. They deal with people living life on the margins of society and on weekdays their doors are always open.
The mural is beautiful and a bright spot on a dusty downtown street corner.


  1. WAU! that's coooool! More this kind of art to all cities around the globe!

  2. I like street are---The good, the bad and the indifferent. Looking forward to more Sunday shots. MB

  3. Love the mural, and even more than that, the reason behind it and CUPS. Bless them.

  4. I love murals! There are so many of them these days. They really brighten things up.