Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Working Wednesdays - Concrete Pour

So I'm introducing another theme day for this blog...
Working Wednesdays #1
Each Wednesday posting will feature folk at work in and around Calgary and this is the first. I couldn't talk to this guy because he was busy concentrating on where his concrete was going and his truck was parked at the side of a four lane avenue full of traffic. I would have liked to ask what building he was helping to construct... but I was driving past with no chance to stop.


  1. Another photographer while driving? ;-) Nice angle though!

  2. This a clever new theme and also a cool shot!

  3. Great idea!
    We need people to do the 'real work' too!
    Without them our life would be real, I mean real mess!

  4. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog:)

    I have a question: I'm going to Calgary and Banff in June, and I was wondering if the city is easy to navigate around with a car?

    I'm going for my honeymoon and we'll spend a day in Calgary. What's the safest place to stay in the city?

  5. Work sites always interest me. How they know what they are doing s something of a mystery