Saturday, April 25, 2009

Long Friday Lunches

I took this shot looking down the stairwell at Art Central downtown.
Art Central is one of my favourite hang-outs when I'm in the city's three floors of funky art boutiques and galleries and my favourite print shop ever (Uppercase).
On the lowest floor is a curved arcade of tiny studios available at a low-rent (at least that's what the blurb says though that's hard to believe in Calgary) to struggling artists and many are often working there...especially in the afternoons. I don't think artists get up early!
But today I loved the patterns made by the table and chairs on the concrete floor...another time I'll focus on the studios.


  1. I always worry about above shots. Your shot turned out fine. Mine sometimes don't. Anyway, sorry you have more snow. We are 86 degrees F here in Ohio today and very windy. Tomorrow is Sunday and more of the same. It got too hot here too fast. So after sweating it out we turned the air conditioning on to cool things off.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there.

  2. What a nice shot! It makes me a little dizzy if I look at it too long though!

  3. This is such a cool shot! I really like photos taken from above.
    About your question on my travel blog, the Mikonos pictures are 12 years old :-)

  4. Some are lucky, don't you think ?
    I wonder if they live there, or just work ? Or both, after all.
    Nice perspective.