Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bookworm's Paradise

This week the CBC (Calgary Broadcasting Corporation) in Calgary had their enormous annual book sale.The book sale is a fundraiser for a Calgary charity that helps struggling readers aiming to give them a boost in the early grades and help them acheive literacy as adults.
There are always thousands of books for sale and many, many customers. The sale ran all weekend and on Friday night alone 1200 people attended. The sale is held in a community ice-hockey arena although the ice is no longer there because hockey has finished for the summer now.
It's always fun to go and pick up some gems. I found a fabulous 1970's book an how to make macrame hats and another on landing light aircraft in severe weather. I don't know when either of those skills are going to come in useful...but you never know!


  1. I LOVE book sales. My local library had one last weekend and of course I was there. It probably wasn't as fantastic as one put on by the CBC, but still it was good.

    I have no idea how to do macrame...but hey! Now I know someone who has a book. ;-)

  2. I would be there ALL day long. After I had looked through the books once or twice, I would probably go through them again, just in case... ;)

  3. This is a great perspective! Well done!

  4. I probably would have spent the whole weekend rummaging through all those books!

  5. Wow! that translates into Priyanka's heaven. Love books. Is it an annual event... if yes will tell my friend to visit next year for sure.

  6. O boy, if only I could be there! I love book sails. OK, I LOVE books:)

  7. Great event! Lovely photo! I also like books very much!:)

  8. Oh my heart just skipped a beat! I adore libraries and book stores.

    Nice blog you have...

    San Diego

  9. Sounds like a great cause. I teach kids who are struggling with their reading and writing so I know how vital these charities are.

    The books you bought sound . . . interesting ;)