Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool Spring Evenings

It's a week of firsts now that the snow has finally melted. Last night we had our first firepit in the back yard. This is one of my favourite things to do in Spring and Fall.
Because Calgary is so close to the Rocky Mountains (to the west) and the Prairies (to the east) we lie on the boundary of two weather systems. This means that we get warm prairie days but cool mountain nights. It's wonderful in summer when our days are baking hot and our evenings pleasantly cool, but in spring the nights can be downright chilly (it's often a few degrees below zero at night until the end of May).
What better way to unwind for the weekend than to gaze into a warm glowing fire and sip a beer!


  1. Yup, looks real good to me. I don't like beer though, anything else?

  2. the weather sounds awesome! love the idea of a fire in the back yard... a friend playing the guitar and everyone singing and that is a perfect end to a long day. :-)

  3. This shot is so nicely composed! Alas our cool nights are behind us until the fall. We seem to be having a heat wave right now.

  4. The mood captured with the true spirits... Here we are heading for the real hot summer season.. Yesv beer is a good idea to cool things down

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Sounds like the kind of climate I'd love! :)

  6. Hello, thanks for dropping by, like that shadow myself. Fantastic to get that fireplace going, wish I had one for the chilly days here in Ozzie Land, you never know what the weather brings, all seasons in one day sometimes... ;)
    Happy Mothers Day and have a Fantastic Day :)