Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hacky Sack Game

I met this bunch of guys hanging out and playing hacky sack in a local can tell they are Canadian because they're wearing shorts and t-shirts despite the fact that we still have snow in our forecast!
The exciting thing about this shot is that you can see the grass is beginning to turn a little bit if only the temperatures would warm up then we might be able to say that spring was really's May after all!


  1. Cool youngsters! I hope you'll be having warmer weather as I hope we'll be getting a bit of sunshine.

  2. glad to see spring is getting to Calgary!!

  3. Maybe they're of Scottish descent - we have the same trait here! Nice to see an old-fashioned game like this (that makes me sound about 100 years old!). There are so many great hacky sack designs to be had.