Friday, May 15, 2009

King Kong is in Calgary!

I was surprised to see that King Kong is alive and well and apparantly living in Calgary!
I came across him climbing the side of a video rental store on 16th Avenue (the TransCanada Highway) just down the street from that little violin store I posted a photo of earlier this week. King Kong is about about 10 feet in height...somehow not as big as he seemed from the movies. Not as scary either, he seems to have gotten slower in his old age - I watched him for ten minutes and he never moved!
If you want to see the real Empire State Building check out Paz's New York Minute here for a great shot :


  1. This is really cool! :-)

  2. Cute shot! I read the article you told me about the bear getting in the hospital. Scary!

  3. LOL! So this is where he is, huh? Too funny. Glad you posted this photo.