Saturday, May 2, 2009

Treasure Hunting

On my way to the bread store today I met this gentleman. He was standing alone in the middle of a field absorbed in his work...treasure hunting! We chatted for a while and the whole time he was busy listening to the sounds in his head phones and bending down to check out what he had detected. In the ten minutes we were talking he found a dollar in quarters and a metal zipper pull.
His most interesting finds in Canada were a 1898 coin and a NorthWest Mounted Police uniform button. The most valuable items he finds are lost rings. He tries his best to reunite the rings with the owners but many have lain in the ground for years and older rings have few official marks to identify them. He also told me that he sometimes gets asked to help trace items like discarded weapons in unlikely locations...but today he was just out enjoying the warm sunshine!


  1. I like this way to pass the time... finding lost things... hmmmm... Am I sniffing a possible job opportunity? Lolz!

  2. This is amazing hunting! In the middle of the city?

    I guess, this man enjoyed a lot, seems to. I would love to hang w/ him as long sun shines on me... he he!

    Have a lovely Sunday...

  3. It's not very uncommon to see treaure hunting on beaches in winter, but I have never seen this anywhere else! :-)

  4. I see people doing this on the beach and I have always thought that it must be a very interesting hobby!