Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Wednesday - Bubble teas

Working Wednesday #4
This tiny basement store in downtown Calgary was doing a roaring trade the day I wandered past...the line-up was out the door, up the stairs and onto the street. They were making bubble teas...obviously good ones...and the women behind the counter were working flat out to meet the demand.
I've never tried bubble tea which is all the rage in Calgary right now. I like my tea the old-fashioned way, hot and so strong you can dissolve spoons in it.


  1. hey girl,,hmmm...interesting, have a fantastic day :) MOniakROse

  2. It's more than a can have many flavours. It's actually invented in Taiwan:)

  3. CDQ - I don't really know, I never tried it but it comes in different colours like ice cream I think

  4. Bubble tea craze kind of frizzle out here in Singapore. Used to see lots of small shops selling them everywhere but only a handful now.