Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dogs just wanna have fun!

I walked down by the Bow River this weekend. Everyone-and-his-dog had the same idea - it was too nice to stay indoors - it was a beautiful blue sky day, warm enough for Canadians to wear shorts.
We stopped where this old rail bridge crosses the Bow River to watch a pack of off-leash dogs having a fine old time in the water splashing and playfighting and chasing sticks. When we were done watching we carried on along the river path to Bowness Park for an ice-cream - our first of the year.
By the way, these pictures are straight from the camera...the sky is really this blue in Alberta.


  1. LOL, I love your title! Blue skies do help get up in the morning, don't they? ;-)

  2. That is a beautiful blue sky! I really like the looks of that old rail bridge too.

  3. What a lovely spot! Both shots are great.