Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lawnmowers chatting

Okay...so we finally have warm temperatures! 20c today! YEEHAW!

I met these two lawnmowers chatting by the side of the road today. They've finally emerged from their winter hibernation, blinking a little in the bright sunlight. They've timed their arrival well...we have green grass at last in Calgary after a few day of sunshine and rain.
Now there's work for these machines to do. This is how you know it really is spring in Calgary...the lawn mowers begin to roar!


  1. The weather's finally improving in Vancouver too (at last, lol!!) I like your photos :)

  2. Did you overhear their conversation? :-)

  3. Had one of these going past our apartment yesterday - it was louder than a helicopter - now today it is back to heavy rain!

  4. Cute!!
    The lawn mowers, I don't mind they bring a nice smell of fresh cut grass ..
    What I do not like are the leaf blowers or "anything on the floor" blowers!!!
    Give us back the old fashioned rakes!

  5. Glad to know you're having a great weather! Today is the hottest day of the year: 30ºC. I believe beaches must be crowded now!

  6. *Roar**Roar* The sounds of spring time... Happy lawn mowing. (:

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