Sunday, May 31, 2009

Street Art Sunday - Hopeful Hands

Street Art Sunday #7
This shot shows one half of a giant mural in downtown Calgary... I posted the dove that is flying from these hands back in March. The mural is painted on the side of the CUPS building. Calgary Urban Projects (CUPS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ending individual and family poverty and their message is one of hope.

They deal with people living life on the margins of do the Calgary police who's vans also feature in this shot.

And spot the crane! Like I said in an earlier post, these days it's hard to get a picture of Calgary that doesn't include a crane!


  1. Fantastic shot, I love it, love it love it!

  2. The composition is really cool! I like giant murals like this one.

  3. I am amazed by how many murals there are here. I seem to notice more and more all the time.